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Work Without Distraction

Gmail URL Link Preview is built specifically to work with Gmail and G Suite email accounts. Once you’ve installed the Chrome extension, you can start using URL link previews while composing your email in just 2 clicks—all directly from within the body of your Gmail email. There is no need to log into a separate website to manage your URL previews.

Integrated With Gmail

Free Pause Gmail is fully integrated with Gmail. You’ll have a Pause button just below your Compose button. Whether you need five minutes to concentrate or a full day to focus on other things, you can mute incoming emails in just 2 clicks.

Turn Off With a Single Click

Finished early? No problem. Unpause your inbox with a single click and your new emails will show up immediately.

Look More Professional

It can be distracting and embarrassing to have your phone buzzing during a meeting or to have emails pop up on your screen while you’re trying to give a presentation. With Free Pause Gmail, you can be more professional and show your colleagues and clients that their time matters to you by pausing your emails from coming in.

Reduce Stress

Studies show that checking email only a few times a day reduces your stress and boosts your productivity.

Who Uses Free Pause Gmail?


Writers who need to work without interruption or distraction


Students who need to focus on studying for exams or writing an important paper


Meetings when you need your laptop, but don’t want to be interrupted or have any inappropriate popup notifications on your screen


Anybody who wants to reduce stress and distractions while boosting productivity